How long should you plan a vacation to Hawaii? (2023)

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How long is the average Hawaii vacation?

Hawaii Vacation Cost Considerations:

The average Hawaii vacation trip length is 7 days, which is the recommended amount of time to see one island well, or two islands quickly.

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How far in advance should I book a Hawaii vacation?

As a rule of thumb, book early - no later than 2-3 months before you go! It's not uncommon for the Best Accommodations in Hawaii to get booked quickly, especially during the summer months over holidays.

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Is 10 days in Hawaii too long?

A 10-day Hawaii itinerary is a perfect length of time. As a first-time visitor, we recommend you check out two Hawaiian islands. The first being Maui and then we give you two options – Kauai or Oahu. Kauai is for those looking for the outdoors, jungle hikes, and solitude (no crowds).

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Is 3 weeks too long in Hawaii?

Even if it may seem long, 3 weeks in Hawaii is not enough to discover the archipelago. There are so many things that we have heard about and haven't been able to get close to. We passed in front of dozens of trails that looked great without being able to discover them and we only flew over some parts.

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How long is enough time in Hawaii?

How many days are enough in Hawaii? While you might never want to leave Hawaii, usually people plan to stay 7-10 days during their vacation to Hawaii. That gives enough time to get over jet lag, participate in a few scheduled activities, explore the Hawaiian island a bit, and have time to relax and unwind.

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What month is best to go Hawaii?

The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

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What is cheapest month to fly to Hawaii?

The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is during February and March. The most expensive month to fly is December when the holiday period falls, with January being very expensive as well. The peak travel months of June and July are surprisingly not the most expensive months for flights, with middle figure prices.

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How much is 2 weeks vacation in Hawaii?

How much should I budget for a trip to Hawaii? A reasonable budget for two for a week in Hawaii is around $3,273. The above cost is based on staying in good, mid-range accommodation and having a few meals out per week, while preparing some yourself.

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Is 2 weeks in Hawaii too long?

How Long to Stay in Hawaii. The average stay in Hawaii is about 7 days. I think this is a good minimum time for a trip, although 10-14 days is better if you want to visit multiple islands.

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How long should I go to Hawaii for the first time?

How long should you visit Hawaii? To really get the most out of your trip when visiting Hawaii for the first time, it's recommended to plan for a minimum of around ten days. It's recommended to see at least two islands per trip.

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Where should I go in Hawaii for the first time?

Usually, I recommend that first timers start off with a trip to Oahu. It's the most popular Hawaiian island, as well as the cheapest. Plus there are tons of attractions, activities, great food, and shopping. That's why I think it's the best island to visit in Hawaii for the first time.

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Is it worth island hopping in Hawaii?

Island hopping in Hawaii is absolutely worth it. The islands are all incredibly different and it's easy to get from island to island. But it's important to know that island hopping can be time-consuming so you want to make sure your trip is long enough for these extra travel days.

How long should you plan a vacation to Hawaii? (2023)
Is Hawaii expensive to visit?

There is a good chance that you will fall in love with the islands of Hawaii at first sight, but you should warn yourself now: Hawaii is an expensive destination, or even very expensive if you want to enjoy local activities or stay in one of the beautiful resorts along the ocean.

What are the best and worst months to visit Hawaii?

When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii? The best weather in Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. November to March are the rainiest months, and June through November is hurricane season – though big storms are rare. Winter also brings the best waves for surfing, especially on north shore beaches.

What is the slowest month for tourism in Hawaii?

Like November, December is very quiet as most Mainlanders are preparing for the holidays. Up until about December 20th, you'll practically have the islands all to yourself. After that, don't even think about going to Hawaii is you're hoping for a very slow time.

Is a week too long in Hawaii?

Seeing the best parts of the state in one week is tricky, but it isn't impossible. While you shouldn't expect to experience everything Hawaii has to offer in a mere seven days, a week is certainly enough time to fit in some amazing highlights.

What month is hurricane season in Hawaii?

When is hurricane season in Hawaii in 2022? Hurricane season in Hawaii runs from June to November, though the Aloha State sees the most hurricanes in July, August, and September.

What month is rainy in Hawaii?

The wettest months are from November to March, but winter rains do not generally disrupt vacation plans, since the weather is very localized. This means that if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot to be found around the coast.

How many days do I need in Hawaii?

If you wish to discover the island as a whole, we recommend that you stay at least 5 days so that you have time to enjoy its various attractions and go on a few hikes. If you prefer to make only a quick stop to get an idea of life in Honolulu and do only the essentials, 3 days may be enough.

Which airline is best to fly to Hawaii?

The 6 Best Airlines That Fly to Hawaii
  1. Hawaiian Airlines. Fittingly, Hawaiian Airlines offers some of the best flights to Hawaii, providing daily service to Hawaii from more North American cities than any other airline. ...
  2. Alaska Airlines. ...
  3. American Airlines. ...
  4. United Airlines. ...
  5. Allegiant. ...
  6. WestJet.

How much does it cost to go to Hawaii for 7 days?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Hawaii is $2,023 for a solo traveler, $2,986 for a couple, and $4,371 for a family of 4. Hawaii hotels range from $96 to $433 per night with an average of $177, while most vacation rentals will cost $270 to $810 per night for the entire home.

Is food in Hawaii expensive?

The average monthly cost for groceries in the United States is about $355.50 a month per person. However, everything seems to be more expensive in Hawaii. Here, the average person spends $556.76 per month on groceries just for themselves!

How much does a normal trip to Hawaii cost?

In 2019 we estimated that a comparable mid-range trip to Hawaii would cost $10,100 for a family of four. In 2021 the same trip cost $8,914. The price increased 37 percent in 2022 to $12,239 as demand for Hawaii vacations surged once travel restrictions ended.

What island should I go to in Hawaii?

The short answer: Go to Maui if you want to be pampered at a resort with all the amenities. Book Oahu if you want to see Pearl Harbor and famous Waikiki Beach. Visit Big Island if you want to hike Volcanos National Park (and maybe see flowing lava). Head to Kauai if you want to experience wild, untamed Hawaii.

How much time do you need in Hawaii for each island?

If you want a quick rule of thumb, to see and experience the major highlights of each island, you're going to need at least four days for Molokai and Lanai and five days minimum for Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii's Big Island.

Can you get around Hawaii without a car?

Many visitors enjoy taking bus tours to conveniently explore the Islands. For most islands you can also get around by shuttle, taxi, ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft, or public transportation.

What is the number 1 attraction in Hawaii?

Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head State Monument, Oahu

Waikiki, with its beautiful stretch of oceanfront beach, is Hawaii's biggest tourist attraction.

What is the number one thing to do in Hawaii?

Visit Hawaii Volcanos National Park. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park sits at the top the Big Island bucket list for many visitors. It's one of Hawaii's most famous landmarks!

Is Oahu or Maui better?

Maui vs Oahu: Oahu is right for you if you want more of a cosmopolitan vacation, enjoy the nightlife, are excited about historical and cultural activities, or want to travel on a budget. Maui is right for you if you're looking for a romantic island, great snorkeling, a relaxing vacation, or more outdoor activities.

Is it cheaper to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean?

5. Price Points. Typically, given the longer air transit time (6 hours from Los Angeles) and higher cost of living, a trip to Hawaii will cost more than a jaunt to the Caribbean. Again, a lot depends on where you're traveling from, but overall, you'll get more for your money in the Caribbean.

Which Hawaiian island is most touristy?

Oahu is the most visited of all the Hawaiian islands, at nearly 4.7 million visitors annually. Oahu is primarily defined by the state capital of Honolulu, as well as Pearl Harbor and the famous beach known as Waikiki. These areas attract tourists by the thousands daily.

Which island is cheaper to visit in Hawaii?

Oahu is the cheapest Hawaiian island to visit, with a total cost of $2,625. A Ko Olina Resort lagoon on Oahu. Maui is the most expensive island to visit, coming in nearly $1,000 more expensive, with a total cost of $3,600. The Grand Wailea in Maui, a luxury resort.

Why is Hawaii so expensive to vacation?

Demand is up.

But now that all travel restrictions have been lifted and people feel comfortable traveling again, demand for hotels have seen a huge surge. According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, in April 2022, room demand was up 58% vs April 2021. So hotels are adjusting their prices accordingly.

Is Hawaii cheaper than California?

Generally, the cost of things in Hawaii is 30% more than on the mainland. Hawaii is the most expensive state in the U.S. while California ranks third. When you compare the cost of living in Hawaii and that of California, you will likely find that Hawaii's cost of living is considerably higher.

Do we need visa to travel to Hawaii?

Under Visa Waiver Program (VWP), the system established by U.S. government, those approved for Travel Authorization through ESTA are permitted to travel to Hawaii without holding visa. Although visa is not required for general trip to Hawaii, be sure to apply for ESTA before travel.

What should I avoid in Hawaii?

  • Don't touch or get too close to wildlife- turtles, dolphins, monk seals, and nenes. ...
  • Don't touch or walk on coral. ...
  • Don't take lava rocks home. ...
  • Don't forget to throw shaka when someone lets you into your lane. ...
  • Don't avoid Hawaiian/local food. ...
  • Don't underestimate the sun. ...
  • Don't use sunscreen that's not reef-safe.

What month is bad weather in Hawaii?

Hawaii's dry season ocurrs from April to October while the wet season occurs from November to March. Although summer sounds like the best time to travel to Hawaii, the climate is actually very hot and humid, something to keep in mind if you struggle with extreme temperatures.

What month has the worst weather in Hawaii?

But if you want a second opinion on the matter, December is considered by most to be one of the worst months to visit Hawaii. This is due to a combination of different factors, including it being the rainiest month of the year, along with how busy it is during that time period.

What is the cheapest month to stay in Hawaii?

Cheapest Seasons to Visit Hawaii
  • Mid-April until early June.
  • Aug. 15, Dec. 15 (except for Thanksgiving)4.

Is 2 weeks too long in Hawaii?

With a week, ten days, or two weeks, you can feel comfortable splitting up your time between two islands. To really enjoy an island, you should be able to spend at least three to five days per island. If you visit three or more islands, though, you may only end up scratching the surface of each.

Is 4 days enough time in Hawaii?

So, as you might imagine, it's tough to condense it down into merely 4 days on Oahu. However, 4 days is certainly enough to get the best out of a trip to Oahu. Limiting your time to 4 days in Oahu can give many travelers extra time to explore Maui and the gorgeous Haleakala National Park or the big island of Hawaii.

What is the cheapest month to go to Hawaii?

The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is during February and March. The most expensive month to fly is December when the holiday period falls, with January being very expensive as well. The peak travel months of June and July are surprisingly not the most expensive months for flights, with middle figure prices.

Is 5 days in Hawaii too short?

While many vacations are five to seven days long, we recommend staying for at least 10 days to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation. The time change is difficult to adjust to at first and takes about 3 days to get fully acclimated. So, allowing a couple days to get over the jet lag is important.

Is it worth it to go to Hawaii for 5 days?

Some visitors do visit Hawaii for 4-5 days, but it's a long way from the US mainland (or anywhere!) for a short trip and you'll spend the first few days adjusting to the time zone change. That said, if it's all you can manage, it's better than no time in Hawaii!

Can you do Hawaii in 5 days?

Even though it's a much larger area (with slower driving) than you might expect, you'll cover a lot of ground with this Big Island itinerary for 5 days. You'll have a chance to experience what make the Big Island so unique and explore the best things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Should I visit Hawaii or Florida?

If you want to explore more of the state and see different attractions, then Florida would be the better choice. On the other hand, if you want a more intimate experience of the state and don't mind spending more time on the beach, then Hawaii is the place for you, especially the Big Island.

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