How does Costco family membership work? (2023)

How does Costco family membership work?

In addition to their own membership card, Primary members (and Affiliate members on Business memberships) receive one free Household Card they can assign to someone over the age of 18 who lives at the same address.

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Is Costco membership per person or per family?

A total of two people can be on a Gold Star Membership (either regular or Executive): one Primary Member and one free household member who is over 18 and lives at the same address.

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Can I use my mom's Costco card without her being there?

The person with the card must be present, though “payment” can come from anyone else. Essentially, if you want to shop at Costco, you need to be with a member.

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Can I use my dad's Costco card without him?

Can I use my dad's Costco card without him? Unfortunately, Costco does not allow you to use someone else's card to shop at their stores. Because Costco makes most of their money on membership fees, they are able to keep prices so low for their shoppers.

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How many people from a family can go to Costco?

Your guests are welcome at Costco

Each cardholder can bring two guests over the age of 18. We don't include younger children in your guest count. Keep in mind that guests cannot shop or pay for items, only Costco members are entitled to this benefit.

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How many Costco cards can a family have?

This entitles the primary member to one personalized membership card and Spouse card, available to a spouse or a family member 18 years of age or older living at the same address. Each primary member may name up to 6 secondary cardholders for $55 each and corresponding Spouse cardholders at no additional cost.

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Can I bring my whole family to Costco?

Members are welcome to bring children and up to two guests into the warehouse; members are responsible for their children and guests. Children should not be left unattended. Only Costco members may purchase items.

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How much does it cost to add a third person to Costco membership?

The annual cost is $60 per card (the additional Business Membership card plus one Household Member card, which can be assigned to anyone over 18 at the same address). There are four ways to add a Business Membership card: Head to and sign in to access your account details.

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Is Costco good for two person household?

Big Discounts for Small Households

But there are Costco purchases that make sense for single people and couples, even after taking the annual membership fee into consideration. Plus, with inflation hitting most grocery chains hard, Costco has managed to stay competitive price wise, thanks to strong supply chains.

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Can I let a family member use my Costco card?

The Costco membership card is non-transferable, but there are several ways to share the experience with family and friends. Anyone with a card can bring up to two guests to the Warehouse during each visit. Keep in mind that purchasing items is exclusive to Costco members.

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Can you get a 1 day pass for Costco?

Costco does not offer free shopping passes. When you visit a Costco warehouse, you'll discover all the valuable savings we have to offer. As a nonmember, you may still purchase prescriptions from a Costco pharmacy with cash, debit, Costco Shop Cards or a Visa® card.

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Can I use my husbands debit card at Costco?

No. They are very strict. All membership cards are not transferable, even between husband and wife or other family members.

How does Costco family membership work? (2023)
Can I add someone to my Costco membership that doesn t live with me?

You are allowed one secondary membership. Just give the second name to the costco desk and they will add her/him to the membership. Next time that they are in they can get their picture taken. If you have the credit card that person can also get a secondary credit card.

Can I use my parents Costco card at self checkout?

You have to show the card to enter the store. If the employee sees it's not your picture on the card you won't get in. At the checkout, there is an employee stationed to assist customers. If the employee notices you're using someone else's card, you'll be stopped.

How much is it to add another person to a Costco membership?

$60.00 Annual membership fee* Includes a free Household Card. Add Affiliate Cardholders for $60 each* Valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

Is it worth getting a Costco membership for 2 people?

The store offers discounts spanning travel, contact lenses, insurance and more, and if you use your membership right, you can most certainly make it work for two people.

How can I get a free membership to Costco?

Costco does not offer free memberships, but there are several ways you can still save at the club. If you have a friend with a Costco membership, ask that person to buy you a Costco Shop Card. The card will be mailed to you with a zero balance, but it's reloadable.

Are Costco limits per day or per membership?

Are Costco limits per day or per membership? Limit one membership per household and business. Costco reserves the right to treat businesses with the same or similar addresses or with identical, similar or related ownership as a single business and as such, limited to a single membership.

How much is a Costco card for seniors?

Different Costco Membership Options For Seniors

Gold Star memberships, available for $60 per year, grant shoppers access to Costco Warehouse locations as well as all merchandise available on Gold Star members also gain access to Costco Gas, Costco Travel, Costco Tire Center, Costco Optical, and more.

Is Costco worth it for a family of two?

You only feed one or two people

Bigger is not necessarily better—especially when it comes to grocery shopping. While buying in bulk is a no-brainer for families, “if you are single and live alone, a Costco membership is not likely to save you money,” says Steven Millstein, editor of CreditRepairExpert.

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